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Business Exit Strategies

Run-time's business exit strategies consulting services help you realize the full value of the investment you've made in building your company. More than just succession planninginvestor relations or business valuation, the development of business exit strategies is an important part of an integrated marketing communications strategy, along with business growth strategies and actionable business intelligence.

Succession Planning, Investor Relations, Business Valuation

There's an old career maxim: if you can't be replaced, you can't be promoted. The same logic applies to business exit strategies: if your company can't survive without you, then you're trapped -- at the top, but trapped nonetheless.

  1. Succession planning - For entrepreneurs, professionals and small- to medium-sized business owners, succession planning can take different forms. Run-time helps you weigh all of the alternatives and opportunities.
  2. Investor Relations - Who are the best candidates to buy your company, and how should you approach them? Run-time researches the candidates and designs an approach strategy.
  3. Business Valuation - How do you place a monetary value on your business -- particularly the so-called "intangibles"? What is the value of your business, first with you and then without you? If your business is based on your intellectual property and your capacity to innovate, then how do you transition and position the company to succeed without you? Run-time investigates the tangibles and intangibles, provides an objective business valuation, and a strategy for improving and leveraging that business valuation.

Strategic Business Consulting and Integrated Marketing Communications

Like anything else in this world, your business is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. What someone is willing to pay will largely (but not entirely) be based on some simple valuation calculations. Run-time's strategic business consulting and integrated marketing communications services are designed to leverage the intangibles in your business valuation and put your company on the path to realize its full potential value.

The intangibles in your company's value lie in its ability to generate revenue profitably from existing sources, and to continue to generate new business and new revenue profitably into the foreseeable future, both with existing intellectual property, and with newly developed, productized and commercialized intellectual property.

Ongoing revenue generation is dependent on maintaining competitive advantage. Continuing competitive advantage is dependent on innovation and marketing. Innovation and marketing are Run-time's specialties.

We will work with you to develop the appropriate business exit strategies for your business, using successor planning, investor relations and business valuation strategies and integrated marketing communications to help you realize the full value and potential of your company.