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Business Growth Strategies

Your business growth strategies should leverage your existing competitive advantage and competitive advantage period. But they should also focus on building and leveraging future competitive advantage through ongoing research and development, and productization and commercialization of your intellectual property.

Run-time's strategic business consulting and integrated marketing communications services help you manage this Herculean task and realize the full value and potential of your company.

Competitive Advantage and Continuous Innovation

No consistently successful company is a one-trick pony. Long-term success takes continuous innovation and a continuous process of converting intellectual property into commercial products and services.

All competitive advantage has a shelf life, even if its patent-related. Your strategic business objectives should certainly be focused on obtaining the maximum profit from your current intellectual property. But, to remain relevant to your customers, and to gain new customers over the long term, you also need to focus on continuous innovation.

You need to explore new research and development initiatives to develop new intellectual property. And you need continuous IP productization and IP commercialization, including IP licensing and enforcement, and channel development.

Strategic Business Consulting and Integrated Marketing Communications

Ongoing revenue generation is dependent on maintaining competitive advantage. Continuing competitive advantage is dependent on innovation and marketing. Innovation and marketing are Run-time's specialties.

We will work with you to develop the appropriate business growth strategies for your business, including IP productization and IP commercialization. Run-time will use your competitive advantage and intellectual property, and our strategic business consulting expertise and integrated marketing communications services to help you realize the full value and potential of your company.