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Hosted Email Marketing

Run-time's hosted email marketing service uses permission-based email marketing to drive traffic to your website and keep your company front-of-mind during and between sales cycles.

Permission-Based Email Marketing Promotes Your Website

When you drive customers to your Web site, the objective is always the same: to gain permission to market to them, allowing you to continue the relationship initiated by any and all of the media you used to gain their attention. You keep their attention by continually providing fresh content that is useful, informative, and trusted. You provide this information via your Web site, and through regular e-mail communications.

Effective Email Marketing Is Also Effective Search Marketing

An effective e-mail marketing strategy is also an effective search strategy. One of the greatest boosts to your search engine rankings is the continuous addition of fresh content to your website. By linking your newsletter articles to landing pages and optimizing those pages for search, we build the perception and the reality of your company as the authoritative source for information in your field.

E-mail can be viral, and enthusiasm is infectious. We leverage both your enthusiasm, and that of your target audiences, to increase the size of your permission marketing lists dramatically, by ensuring that newsletter content is unique, important and valuable, and by making the "send to a friend" feature prominent.This viral aspect of e-mail marketing is one of the keys to untapped markets. The more value you provide, the more viral the messages will be, and the larger the audience you will reach.