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Integrated Actionable Web Analytics

Run-time Consulting Inc.'s integrated actionable Web analytics service covers the implementation, configuration, reporting and actionable analysis you need to create a culture of continuous improvement. We implement Web analytics as a part of our integrated marketing communications strategy, using lean marketing principles to reduce the cost of marketing year over year and provide better marketing ROI.

Developing an Actionable Web Analytics Program

Actionable Web analytics metrics don't just happen. They require business analysis and planning. The basic process:

  1. Decide on objectives and key results (OKRs)
  2. Translate OKRs to formulate key performance indicators (KPIs), that is, statistical evidence that can be gathered from website visitor behavior to indicate whether objectives and key results are being achieved.
  3. Choose a web analytics package that can provide actionable web analytics statistics on your KPIs.

Google and the 10/90 Rule of Web Analytics

The 10/90 rule is simple: spend 10% of your Web analytics on your Web analytics software implementation, and 90% on the resources to analyze results and provide actionable business intelligence. Why this split? Because data without analysis is just data. The analysis is what makes it actionable.

Google Analytics has revolutionized the world of Web Analytics. They say you get what you pay for, but then there's Google Analytics. You get much more than you pay for, because Google Analytics is free.

Google Analytics has made Web analytics available to all of the small- to medium-sized companies that previously couldn't see past the hefty price tag of other Web analytics software packages to the high marketing ROI of actionable analysis.

The first 10% of the battle is over. Now comes the hard part: the 90% required to turn free Web analytics into integrated actionable Web analytics and to create a culture of continuous improvement within your marketing organization and your company as a whole. You can't achieve this result in isolation. You need an integrated marketing communications plan.