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Integrated Marketing Communications

Run-time's integrated marketing communications services allow us to implement all of our strategic business consulting recommendations. Our integrated approach ensures that your website -- the hub of your marketing universe -- is in sync with your business, marketing and sales plans.
We offer the following value-added marketing services to our clients:

  • Internet Sales & Marketing - Helping you sell more and achieve a better return on your marketing investment. We will improve both your top line and your bottom line, because we will help you convert more prospects, and integrate your sales & marketing efforts, so you do more with less.

  • Search Engine Optimization & SEO Copywriting - Researching keyword phrases, writing optimized copy and developing a thematically coherent website that improves your rankings on search engines, and your lead generation and conversion among visitors.

  • Web Analytics - Implementation, configuration, reporting and actionable analysis leading to continuous improvement and better ROI.

  • Website Information Design - Ensuring website graphic design, content and architecture work together to deliver your message and realize your business, sales & marketing objectives.

  • Web Globalization - As of 2010, non-English-speakers will comprise 79% of all Internet users. Can you afford to ignore nearly 80% of your potential customers?

  • Hosted Email Marketing - Using permission-based email marketing to drive traffic to your website and keep your company front-of-mind during and between sales cycles.

  • Outsource Project Management - Tying numerous outsourced projects together? Our experienced project managers advocate for you to ensure integrated, efficient and cost-effective outcomes.

Integrated marketing communications is your lean path to sustainable marketing ROI. By integrating these marketing services with our strategic business consulting, we save you time and money and start generating leads faster. More ROI, less cost.