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Markets Served by Run-time Consulting Inc.

Markets served by Run-time Consulting Inc. include:

If you think this a strange combination, consider this: we are simply following our passions and our best instincts. We want to explore new worlds, protect what is ours, live to a ripe old age, and leave the world a better place than we found it.

All of Run-time's consulting assignments are related to leading-edge science and advanced technology. All of Run-time's consultants have technical expertise related to their strategic business consulting expertise.

Strategic Business Consulting Services

Run-time Consulting Inc. offers strategic business consulting services to companies with intellectual property (IP) in leading-edge science and advanced technology. Our services include the development and implementation of business growth strategies and business exit strategies with relation to IP productization, IP commercialization, and IP valuation through integrated sales & marketing communications strategies.

Integrated Sales & Marketing Communications

Run-time Consulting Inc. is a strategic business consulting firm first and foremost, but we provide integrated marketing communications services, because these services are critical to the implementation of our strategic business consulting services.

The typical marketing communications agency has expertise in marketing communications and not much else. That's fine if their customers know precisely what they need and want, and simply lack the resources to do the work themselves.

But a strategic business consulting firm provides subject matter expertise that its clients don't possess. And to be truly effective, a consulting firm also needs to understand its clients' business environments, and to integrate the consultants' efforts with the clients' strategic objectives.

Thus, a consulting firm cannot spread itself too thin: it needs to limit its coverage of subject matters so that it can better serve its stable of clients. Run-time focuses on these specific market sectors, because that's what we know, and that's what we're passionate about.

If you have IP commercialization and productization needs in the markets served by Run-time Consulting Inc., then you should contact us, because our strategic business consulting services can help you with all aspects of your business.