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Run-time Marketing Downloads

If you are responsible for your company's marketing budget, you owe it to yourself - and to your company - to familiarize yourself with the value of integrated marketing communications (IMC). We present these Run-time marketing downloads for your consideration. After your read our marketing whitepapers, contact Run-time to find out how we can help you realize your strategic business, marketing and sales objectives by implementing these integrated marketing communications ideas.

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marketing whitepapers
For Email Marketing you can trust

  • Reconciling Sales & Marketing
    The Internet provides a hub for your marketing universe, allowing you to integrate all of your sales & marketing activities and maximize marketing ROI.
  • Demystifying Search Engine Optimization
    When I ask marketers whether they have optimized their Web sites for the popular search engines, I get a variety of answers, but after talking to them for a while, it becomes apparent that they really haven't understood the question.
  • Your 10-Point Internet Marketing Plan
    How do you use your Advertising budget to break through all the noise from your competition's advertising, win new customers and keep existing customers?
  • Executive Guide to Internet Marketing
    Maximize sales of your company's products and services, minimize costs, and zchieve the best possible Return on Investment for your Marketing dollars.