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Search Engine Optimization, 
SEO Copywriting Services

Run-time Consulting Inc.'s search engine optimization (SEO) service is a key component of our integrated marketing communications strategy.
SEO Copywriting Services
Our SEO copywriting services start with an understanding your strategic business objectives. From there:

  • We then research keyword phrases to see what people are actually searching for.
  • We use a value mapping process to map what you are selling to what people are searching for.
  • We develop a thematically coherent website architecture that reinforces your strategic business objectives.
  • We write optimized copy that not only improves your rankings on search engines, but also presents articulated sales arguments that improve lead generation and conversion.
  • We implement Web analytics on the website so that we can analyze visitor behavior and start the SEO cycle over again.

Understanding Natural (Organic) SEO

Natural (organic) SEO is unpaid in the sense that you don't pay the search engines to list you. However, you do have to invest the in the resources and processes that make such "free" rankings possible.

Successful online businesses may attribute 80% or more of their sales to search engine queries, but most businesses fail to catch even a small fraction of the traffic available to them. Why? Because search engine optimization is one of the least understood areas of online marketing, and too often SEO is not implemented as part of an integrated marketing communications strategy.

Part of the problem is that SEO is a moving target. Once upon a time, you could insert a few meta-tags in the headers of your Web pages and be done with it. However, the search engines themselves are now so much more complex in how they determine rankings that SEO has become a complicated topic.

Another part of the problem is that SEO is not really a single topic. There are multiple methods for achieving search engine results. You need to examine all of these methods and decide which mix is right for your products and services.

Finally, SEO is not a one-time activity. Rather, it is an ongoing activity, not something you do once, or even once a year. The key to successful search engine marketing is constant testing, revision and retesting based on the metrics you gather from your site. Results must be measured not simply with regard to click-throughs to your site, but through email captures, conversions to sale and post sale retention of customers.

Implementing an Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

With Run-time Consulting Inc.'s search engine optimization service, you don't have to choose between a best-of-breed solution and a solution that satisfies your strategic business objectives. By implementing SEO copywriting as part of an integrated marketing communications strategy, you get the best of both worlds.