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Stevan Jovanovich - 
SEO Research, Copywriting, Sales, Marketing, Business Writing

Stevan Jovanovich brings to Run-time a richly varied background that includes post-secondary teaching, sales & marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Stevan's Story

A funny thing happened to Stevan on the way to becoming an English professor. After his MA and three years teaching at UBC, he fell into a sales position, which started a 25-year, North America-wide sales career in the publishing industry. During the course of that career, he founded and operated several businesses and (in his spare time) wrote and published a novel.

Working with Run-time brings Stevan full circle, back to what he enjoys most — communicating and writing.

Nothing Happens Until Somebody Sells Something

That’s right! Until somebody sells something, the plant doesn’t work, the machines are idle, and nobody gets paid. Stevan’s twenty-five year tenure in sales and marketing has taught him the importance of injecting a sales message in every communication—purposeful communication.

Stevan’s personal sales victories include:

  • A $1.8 million educational software sale for PLATO Learning to all the community colleges of Newfoundland.
  • Adoption of a reading program by the Book Bureau of Nova Scotia worth $250,000.00 annually for five years to his employer Scholastic Publications.
  • $800,000.00 worth of CD-ROM titles to a New York distributor for his employer Innotech Multimedia Corporation.

Live and Learn

As a former teacher, Stevan is committed to lifelong learning. What he learns, he likes to synthesize and share; this has led to several consulting engagements:

  • Consulted for Prentice Hall Canada Inc. on the sales and marketing of an Integrated Learning System.
  • Consulted for Gage Publishing Canada on multimedia product development.
  • Designed and delivered for Innotech Multimedia Corporation a CD-ROM orientation seminar for publishers.

But What About You?

You have a story to tell. Your story needs to be told globally, engagingly, purposefully, profitably. Your story needs to be informed by and constructed around the latest SEO research and it must increase sales. That’s where Stevan comes in. He understands basic business needs, understands the importance of salesmanship, and brings a unique skill set designed to put it all in keenly focussed, results-oriented copy on your behalf.