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Tom Woodhead - 
Information Design, SEO Copywriting

Tom Woodhead is responsible for information design and SEO copywriting at Run-time. Regular activities include:

  • Project management
  • Sales & marketing copywriting, including white papers
  • SEO research and copywriting for the Web
  • Business writing, including business, sales, and marketing plans; business cases, proposals, RFPs

Tom's ability to translate complex ideas into accessible Sales & Marketing literature enables Run-time clients to educate their prospects and to stay front of mind with their customers. For Tom, effective communication is a product of methodical creativity. His methodology is synthesized from experience and research. His creativity allows him to tell your story. Methodology + Creativity = Effective Communication.

Career Highlights

Before going over to the marketing "dark side," Tom Woodhead was a technical writer, technical editor, and contract project leader in software development and information services environments.


Between 2000 and 2002, Tom worked with a biometrics startup, providing enterprise-wide communications. He:

  • Worked with the corporate Sales & Marketing organization to create printed and online collateral.
  • Worked with senior management to write quarterly and annual reports as well as press releases.
  • Worked with Research & Development to produce project, product, and end-user documentation for the Acsys Face Recognition System (Acsys FRS) line of products.

Published Author

In 2000, Tom co-authored SQL Server™ 2000 Stored Procedure Programming (ISBN: 0-07-212566-7), for Osborne/McGraw-Hill. The book was the #1 seller among Microsoft SQL Server books on for an extended period.
MA Thesis: The Qualified Optimism of Gravity's Rainbow, McMaster University.


As a consultant, Tom led a team of six technical writers within the MIS department of a multinational corporation. The team:

  • Documented the corporation's migration from a centralized mainframe and A/S400 environment to a distributed NT environment.
  • Worked with in-house software development teams to build 32-bit, Y2K compliant applications and Web-based applications for the new corporate network environment.
  • Worked with MIS Technical Services to build network strategies, develop business cases, and write project and end-user documentation.

Ministry of Natural Resources Values and Information System

In 1998, Tom led a team of technical writers working with a software development team to produce a Geographic Information System (NRVIS) for Ontario 's Ministry of Natural Resources.