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Website Information Design

A great website combines inspired graphic design, informative content and enlightened website architecture. Website information design encompasses these concepts and more. It is an integrated approach to website development.

Your website needs to communicate your sales & marketing messages both emotionally and rationally. The Internet is the perfect showcase for information design, because it is an information medium. Run-time's integrated marketing communications strategy is designed to ensure that your website's information design -- its graphic design, content and architecture -- work together to deliver your message and realize your business, sales & marketing objectives.

Selling with Information and Emotion

Your Website is the repository for all the information your customers need to make informed buying decisions. Visitors to your website actively seek you out, whether by search engine, word of mouth, or some other referral method, because they want to know something. It is in your interest to make their information quest as easy as possible -- to make the information they want easy to find with the minimum number of clicks.

But the fact that they are looking for information doesn't mean they aren't open to emotional appeal. Visitors to your website are not hyper-rational. They may be information-oriented, but buying decisions have always been, and remain, at least somewhat emotional in nature.

Presenting an Articulated Sales Argument

And yet, your customers also need to know they've made the right decision. They need a rational back-up –- an articulated sales argument that tells them they are making the right choice. They need both a desire and a reason to purchase, regardless of which comes first.

An articulated sales argument presents the rational justification for a buying decision, but often uses emotional trigger words that appeal to the emotional centres of the customer's brain. When information design integrates graphic design, content and website architecture on your website, your customers both know and feel they are making the right buying decision.